Zen - Efil's God (efilsgod) wrote,
Zen - Efil's God

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Your light here tells me you're near, but I can see you flicker in fear

Sure, you don't HAVE to download our new MP3 - Grow Up - but you'd be stupid not to! It's pretty damn cool! It follows much more in the sound of Safe Haven as opposed to the mellow vibe of Look At Me.

If anyone has any trouble downloading it, let me know. I had a little trouble but it was solved but right clicking and selecting 'Save As...' so I dunno. Anyone have any suggestions or notice anything unusual?

Cory, Rhymi, Brent, and Samara are staying at Spike's tonight. So I have time to catch up on work and clean the house a little. All that good stuff. Nate and Kat show up tomorrow.

How my life must seem so untouchable to you all.

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