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... in which everything is RENT!

You know what show had totally slipped my mind as to quite how good it is?


You know what show makes me cry?


You know what show features one of the most incredible and powerful scores ever?


You know what show I have to see again and take my band and all my friends to because they would love love it (Especially Matt)?


You know what show I saw last night?


Oh god oh god oh god.


how I love thee.

And again the obsession begins.

Yeah, so Susy and I saw


last night, and frankly it rocked my fucking socks off. Look at them! There they are! All quivering in a little socks-rocked-off-pile in the corner! Oh lordy. So much music in that show I had forgotten about the goodness of. So many jokes I had let slip my mind. So much emotion and power. So good.. so very good.

I feel the RENTy warmth consuming my soul. Aaaaaa. Refreshing!

You know, as many times as I listen to other Bright Eyes songs (And love them too, I might add), I still feel like the writer of said songs should have just stopped with Something Vague. I mean, why keep writing songs once you have achieved perfection? In my Bright Eyes world Something Vague is all there is.

Well not really.

My neck continues to swell in an effort to over throw the rest of my body. I'm not gonna let it tho'. I will not get sick! I have so many things planned. Lordy.

I think I'm going to a doctor tomorrow tho'. Just in case!

I am picking up Rhymi and Cory from the San Jose airport tonight. Eat those pizza flavored beans. Rhymi's arriving at 5:30pm (She has given me ZERO flight information however, so I can only PRAY she at at the terminal I hope she is at). Cory is arriving at 8:00pm or something like that. I'm gonna show up at 6:30pm. Poor Rhymi has to hang out for a whole hour in an AIR PORT! Poor girl.

But she keeps calling me an Ape so she deserves it.

Samara called me this morning. She will be here on Saturday (Um.. she said something about maybe Friday, and I forgot that BFD is on that day. Oops! I hope she doesn't show up then).

To sum up BFD:

Blink 182StaindThe CultFuelDisturbed311Stabbing WestwardPennywiseAlien Ant FarmThe Living EndOleanderMe First & The Gimme GimmesColdNew Found GloryRehabSalivaSum 41SystematicTantric

It's on Friday! Which is my birthday! I turn 19!


I don't want to grow up. *sob*

*silent scream of terror*


We worked on Grow Up yesterday. We being my band, and Grow Up being a song. It would have been done then, but then Matt suddenly got this MAD CRAZY GOOD idea and we started fucking about with the mixing and adding all this crazy, yet incredibly cool shit, and now it's gonna take an extra week to complete. When it's done it will ROCK. God. And how!

It ain't just your standard rock song anymore!

Do do do do do dodododo...

Okay, due to the fact that my body continues to fall apart around me without actually making me feel sick, I need to use the bathroom for the second in many successive times today.

I'm sure you needed THAT little tidbit of info.

You toilet paper sheet.

Hey, one more thing.

If you could witness the hilarity that ensues when Spike and I are alone or in the bathroom together for whatever reason..

You would laugh.

Or be sick.

Or be sick with laughter.

Boy oh boy.
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Jesus Fucking Christ Zen if you don't make your entries shorter I'm going to shoot you in the face.
The writer of Bright Eyes' music is the singer, Connor Oberst and he is an angel in every sense of the word (and gorgeous). I explode inside every time I listen to his songs.
Oh yeah? Well come over here and say that.
that was perhaps the funniest sentence ive read in a month.

it's so...perfect!

"Jesus Fucking Christ Zen if you don't make your entries shorter I'm going to shoot you in the face."

oh my god.

hilarity and mirth.

There really IS a band called "Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies"? I thought Rhymi made it up.

Happy birthday!

It's true. There is!

Thank you.
just a little obsessed, you think?
woo! I'm picking lex up friday morning and taking her with me to make sweet love, er, that is...taking her to Togos with me. Yeah.