Zen - Efil's God (efilsgod) wrote,
Zen - Efil's God

... in which I am in a car accident

Well here's something exciting to report:

On the way to the rehersal hall to pick up photos from my show, we were driving in the car pool lane and another car pulled out in front of us.

Long story short: We crashed, but we're okay.

Short story long: My mom hit the breaks. We hit him. Caught air. Almost flipped over, but instead sailed into the center devide, careened off of it (There were tire marks on the wall afterwards), and crashed down in the hard shoulder. The other car got shoved forward a little and pulled over. No one was hurt, but our car is pretty totaled. The passenger side door won't open or anything. The passenger side wheel is completely buckled in. The whole passenger side is actually. The light is totally crushed in. We don't know if it's repairable or anything. Hum.

The drivers we hit were these two 18 year old Asian guys who seemed geniunely sorry and such. They were shaken up. They said they didn't see us (Yeah, but they still shouldn't be merging out off dead-stop traffic into the car pool lane).

It was me, my mom, and Freedom. We're all fine and unharmed, but Freedom was pretty shaken up. Well we all were at first, but Freedom in particular.

Umm.. yeah.

Freedom has a little rug burn on his neck from the seat belt catching him. But he's okay.

I surive my second car accident! Whoo!

This kind of couldn't come at a worst time. We have no money right now. It's gonna take 10 days for the police to investiage and decide who's to blame (We read-ended them so TECHNICALLY we're to blame). Luckily we have good insurance and such.. and hopefully it's their fault so that we don't have to pay. I mean.. really it IS their fault. My mom is a great driver, and has never had a car accident until now... and they totally pulled out right in front of us. We had no time to stop or even move out of the way (My mom tried to steer past them through the hard-shoulder), but yeah, until the cops decide, we shall not know. I'm not sure what kinda transport I'm gonna have (Unless we get a rental, which our insurance MIGHT pay for) until then, but luckily I have no commitments! Whoo.

This is why I don't wanna learn to drive. It's scary.

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woah.....thats kinda scary....like a lot so...wow. good thing you survived....:)
My god! I'm glad you're allright...

Evil me:
And to think I payed those two asian guys just to "shake" you up.


Good me:
Holy Bejeezus!
I pulled out of slow traffic into the carpool lane and got rearended, and I turned out to be at fault for making an unsafe lane change.

So there's a pretty good chance the other guy will be at fault.

Glad everyone's OK.