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I wait in 4-4 time

All awakeness I had has now gone down the drain. There is so much crap in the air right now. I have major bad allergies, and they're making me very very drowzy. And eyes runny. And nose stuffy. Glands swollen. Oh god. Body falling apart.. rrrrrggg *burble*

I got some number of votes for blue hair. Point being, it was more than the one vote (Thanks Kat) I got for green hair. Thusly I will be re-dying my hair blue at some point soon.

I really wanted to see Evolution. Dean and Lex went and saw it on Friday while I was at Susy's (I, of course, don't wanna see it enough to skip going to Susy's. Yeesh). The previews looked amusing. I love David Ducouvny. It is directed by Ivan Riteman who directed my favorite movie of all time - Ghostbusters. Yet, on the way up to Berkley I had read a horrible horrible review about it, that made it seem really bad. It sounded like everything I would hate. Thusly the movie was erased from my mind from that point on, and given a big label of disapproval.

However, I just spoke to Dean and he said he, and even Lex loved it. Holy shit! And now Kat is saying she dug it.

What the hell?

Now I am again fuled to see it. Luckily Dean said he would go with me cuz he wants to see it again. Yay.

I am too easily manipulated by outside forces.

You know what I'm not too fond of right now? This journal. Or maybe the me of which this journal has a reflection become of.

Yoda English is what I just spouted. I like to call it Yinglish.

This journal is so unpersonal!

How come whenever I talk to my mom or dad every word they say makes me want to sigh and throw my arms about and just.. yeah. Even if it's just "How are you?" or "I'll pick you up at 4"?

Why is talking to certain people (Parents in particular) so draining right now?

This is me.

- Zen Tao Journey Jimalric Stevensson Zenith
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