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Gimmiesomelovegimmiesomelovegimmiesome - I want you to know

I'm at work. I left da Scott's sistahs house early this morning. I oddly got a lot of sleep over the weekend, and I slept on the train ride down so I'm pretty refreshed and awake right now (Something that so rarely happens, I think it deserves a current mood thing).

Susy and I saw Spike and Mike's Classic Animation festival thingy. It was playing at one of the theatres in Berkeley. It was pretty cool. There were a lot of really funny segments. There was also a lot of really boring segments. But overall I'm glad I saw it.

Susy and I also saw Moulin Rouge (Which she seemed to like, but I didn't so much. I thought it had potential but kinda.. fizzled that potential out miserably) and this play called BigLove. It was friggin' great! It was one of those 'Man vs. Woman' things. Really weird, and really messed up, but really fun and cool. The characters were interesting, and it was just generally entertaining. I mean, if I think about it, the script was such that it could have been really easy to mess up and do badly, but these people just pulled it off brilliantly. It was a great production. If you get a chance to see it, especially in Berkley, I recommend it.

But yeah, I had a good weekend.

Um. I kind of have a lot I want to write about right now.. but I don't know how to word what I want to say. Or.. yeah.

I'm just gonna work.

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