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I haven't been this scared, in a long time

And I'm so unprepared, so here's your valentine
Bouquet of clumsy words, a simple melody
This worlds an ugly play but you're so beautiful...

-Blink 182

I feel lame and stupid for quoting Blink 182, but I really really like this song and it's lyrics. What an immature bufoon I am.

I just talked to Alexis and she saw a local band last night who have a song called 'The Sensitive Song'. She said it's a lot like mine, only as she put it - "A lot better". Thanks Lex. You're a real confidence booster!

I must find this band and KILL KILL KILL.

You know what I hate (I am NOT talking about anyone in particular here)? When you're hanging out and there's like some guy, or a girl, or a number of guys/girls who insist on attaching themselves to any attractive member of the opposite gender. It's not even because I'm jealous or anything, and it's not like I think there's anything wrong with a little harmless flirting.. it's just.. when it's all the time, it gets frustrating! Because, maybe I want to talk to someone, and I can't because said-guy-or-girl is attached to the person I want to talk to! It's like, "Hi, I'm trying to talk to this person, and your face is right there! Could you please move it?". I just really don't like talking to people who're that close to someone else. I feel like I'm invading their space or something. And sometimes I just want to talk to one person without someone else being RIGHT THERE.

Drives me NUTS.

I guess that's why sometimes I'm not as affectionate in public as people expect me to be. I just don't want to make anyone uncomfortable or anything. Like, it always makes me feel bad when I have my arm around someone (We'll say Susy) and someones trying to talk to her. I feel like I'm making the person uncomfortable or something, or like they're having trouble talking to her cuz I'm right there.

My swollen gland has gone down. Yay. But I still feel kind of sick. So, I'm drinking lots of tea (and water!).

I getta see the Scott sisters today. I'm going to hang with Susy this evening and we're going to a play. Yay! I'm stupidly excited about this.

It'll be fun fun fun.
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