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Thursday, June 21st, 2001
4:14 am - ... in which: PEOPLE!
Right now there are so many people here. And Mario arrives on Friday. We've got Nate G, Kat, Cory, Samara, Brent, Rhymi.. it's nuts. What am I thinking?

It's great having them here tho'! Yay!

But.. man.. the mess! Oh, the mess.

Everythings working out just how I thought.


More later!

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Wednesday, June 20th, 2001
6:29 pm - ... in which the poopin' never stops
One thing you take for granted until 7 homeschooling teenagers visit your house (Half of them being male!):

Toilet paper.

We are going through it like dynamos!

Go team!

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3:06 pm - This just in folks
Buy glow sticks: Go to jail!

Hoorah for the world.

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Tuesday, June 19th, 2001
7:45 pm - Your light here tells me you're near, but I can see you flicker in fear
Sure, you don't HAVE to download our new MP3 - Grow Up - but you'd be stupid not to! It's pretty damn cool! It follows much more in the sound of Safe Haven as opposed to the mellow vibe of Look At Me.

If anyone has any trouble downloading it, let me know. I had a little trouble but it was solved but right clicking and selecting 'Save As...' so I dunno. Anyone have any suggestions or notice anything unusual?

Cory, Rhymi, Brent, and Samara are staying at Spike's tonight. So I have time to catch up on work and clean the house a little. All that good stuff. Nate and Kat show up tomorrow.

How my life must seem so untouchable to you all.


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Monday, June 18th, 2001
6:15 pm - When I was young I knew everything...
Rhymi, Susy, Cory, Brent, and Samara are lost in the depths of San Jose somewhere. They were supposed to call me and haven't yet. Uh oh!

I swear, I leave those guys alone for a coupla hours.. and this happens. Jesus. This is worse than the time I lost my Weezer tickets.

Where could they beeeee...

Man, working sucks...

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2:26 pm - ... in which everyones at my house
At my house right now:

  • Rhymi
  • Samara
  • Cory
  • Brent
  • Susannah

    Yet, here I am at work! D'oh. Man. I really should get stuff done too.

    It's great having them all here. They're a great collection of people! I love them all a lot.. they're so fun.

    (Right now, every time I look over my dad is staring at me. Okay.. whatever..)

    I feel like a bad host at the moment tho', being at work and all. Plus we haven't done much except hang at my house. We should really go up to San Fransico or something...

    Man, if only I could drive. If only I could drive...

    My birthday was fun, we all went to BFD. It's the best BFD I've ever been to! It fucking rocked! The best bands there were - by far - The Living End, Alien Ant Farm, and Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies. I really dug Systematic and Staind too. I did a lot of moshing and sweat a lot and it was good.


    I'm very frustrated about money right now. Why do I have to be forced to do something I don't want to do just to live? I'm willing to work for what I love, but why do I have to work on something I hate to get to that point? It doesn't seem fair.

    Anyone who replies to this post with 'Life isn't fair' will be shot on sight.

    Anyone who replies to this post with 'Life isn't fair' because I said the above in an effort to be humorous will be beaten.

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    Thursday, June 14th, 2001
    2:05 pm - ... in which I like 'in which'
    Case and point: I was trying to remember what programs people recommended to replace 'Napster'. So I went to my Calendar page to find the post in which I asked that very question. I hit 'subjects', and a list of all the subjects I'd ever made came up. I found the one that said '... in which I beg for help', clicked it, and viola!

    My '... in which' system WORKS!


    I hate when I have my MP3 player on 'Random' and it 'Randomly' goes to the track right after the one I was just listening to. It freaks me out!

    Cory and Rhymi are at my house.

    Are they at yours?



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    Wednesday, June 13th, 2001
    3:43 pm - ... in which I am not creative
    I'm looking to hire a muse.

    Because I have no creativity any more. (So I write poetry instead?)


    The usual problem!

    Creativity in a box.

    The person who markets that product will make millions!

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    2:09 pm - ROXANNE!
    I keep trying to listen to The Polices 'Roxanne' and now I can't without my heart and very being leaping into excruciating pain.

    Moulin Rouge has ruined Roxanne for me!

    Damn that cursed movie. Damn it!

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    12:21 pm - ... in which everything is RENT!
    You know what show had totally slipped my mind as to quite how good it is?


    You know what show makes me cry?


    You know what show features one of the most incredible and powerful scores ever?


    You know what show I have to see again and take my band and all my friends to because they would love love it (Especially Matt)?


    You know what show I saw last night?


    Oh god oh god oh god.


    how I love thee.

    And again the obsession begins.

    Yeah, so Susy and I saw


    last night, and frankly it rocked my fucking socks off. Look at them! There they are! All quivering in a little socks-rocked-off-pile in the corner! Oh lordy. So much music in that show I had forgotten about the goodness of. So many jokes I had let slip my mind. So much emotion and power. So good.. so very good.

    I feel the RENTy warmth consuming my soul. Aaaaaa. Refreshing!

    You know, as many times as I listen to other Bright Eyes songs (And love them too, I might add), I still feel like the writer of said songs should have just stopped with Something Vague. I mean, why keep writing songs once you have achieved perfection? In my Bright Eyes world Something Vague is all there is.

    Well not really.

    My neck continues to swell in an effort to over throw the rest of my body. I'm not gonna let it tho'. I will not get sick! I have so many things planned. Lordy.

    I think I'm going to a doctor tomorrow tho'. Just in case!

    I am picking up Rhymi and Cory from the San Jose airport tonight. Eat those pizza flavored beans. Rhymi's arriving at 5:30pm (She has given me ZERO flight information however, so I can only PRAY she at at the terminal I hope she is at). Cory is arriving at 8:00pm or something like that. I'm gonna show up at 6:30pm. Poor Rhymi has to hang out for a whole hour in an AIR PORT! Poor girl.

    But she keeps calling me an Ape so she deserves it.

    Samara called me this morning. She will be here on Saturday (Um.. she said something about maybe Friday, and I forgot that BFD is on that day. Oops! I hope she doesn't show up then).

    To sum up BFD:

    Blink 182StaindThe CultFuelDisturbed311Stabbing WestwardPennywiseAlien Ant FarmThe Living EndOleanderMe First & The Gimme GimmesColdNew Found GloryRehabSalivaSum 41SystematicTantric

    It's on Friday! Which is my birthday! I turn 19!


    I don't want to grow up. *sob*

    *silent scream of terror*


    We worked on Grow Up yesterday. We being my band, and Grow Up being a song. It would have been done then, but then Matt suddenly got this MAD CRAZY GOOD idea and we started fucking about with the mixing and adding all this crazy, yet incredibly cool shit, and now it's gonna take an extra week to complete. When it's done it will ROCK. God. And how!

    It ain't just your standard rock song anymore!

    Do do do do do dodododo...

    Okay, due to the fact that my body continues to fall apart around me without actually making me feel sick, I need to use the bathroom for the second in many successive times today.

    I'm sure you needed THAT little tidbit of info.

    You toilet paper sheet.

    Hey, one more thing.

    If you could witness the hilarity that ensues when Spike and I are alone or in the bathroom together for whatever reason..

    You would laugh.

    Or be sick.

    Or be sick with laughter.

    Boy oh boy.

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    Tuesday, June 12th, 2001
    12:28 pm - ... oh boy!
    You are an apple and I am a pear.

    So much to do! So much to do, and so little time to do it in! Oh boy!

    I'm seeing RENT with Susy tonight! Oh boy!

    I'm seeing Cory and Rhymi (Hopefully!) tomorrow! Oh boy!

    The swelling on my neck grows bigger with each day and will soon consume my entire body. I have to see a doctor tomorrow morning! Oh boy!

    Oh boy!

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    Monday, June 11th, 2001
    8:12 pm - ... in which I am in a car accident
    Well here's something exciting to report:

    On the way to the rehersal hall to pick up photos from my show, we were driving in the car pool lane and another car pulled out in front of us.

    Long story short: We crashed, but we're okay.

    Short story long: My mom hit the breaks. We hit him. Caught air. Almost flipped over, but instead sailed into the center devide, careened off of it (There were tire marks on the wall afterwards), and crashed down in the hard shoulder. The other car got shoved forward a little and pulled over. No one was hurt, but our car is pretty totaled. The passenger side door won't open or anything. The passenger side wheel is completely buckled in. The whole passenger side is actually. The light is totally crushed in. We don't know if it's repairable or anything. Hum.

    The drivers we hit were these two 18 year old Asian guys who seemed geniunely sorry and such. They were shaken up. They said they didn't see us (Yeah, but they still shouldn't be merging out off dead-stop traffic into the car pool lane).

    It was me, my mom, and Freedom. We're all fine and unharmed, but Freedom was pretty shaken up. Well we all were at first, but Freedom in particular.

    Umm.. yeah.

    Freedom has a little rug burn on his neck from the seat belt catching him. But he's okay.

    I surive my second car accident! Whoo!

    This kind of couldn't come at a worst time. We have no money right now. It's gonna take 10 days for the police to investiage and decide who's to blame (We read-ended them so TECHNICALLY we're to blame). Luckily we have good insurance and such.. and hopefully it's their fault so that we don't have to pay. I mean.. really it IS their fault. My mom is a great driver, and has never had a car accident until now... and they totally pulled out right in front of us. We had no time to stop or even move out of the way (My mom tried to steer past them through the hard-shoulder), but yeah, until the cops decide, we shall not know. I'm not sure what kinda transport I'm gonna have (Unless we get a rental, which our insurance MIGHT pay for) until then, but luckily I have no commitments! Whoo.

    This is why I don't wanna learn to drive. It's scary.


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    4:27 pm - ... in which I add one more thing
    Altho' I did not like Moulin Rouge as a whole, I did like the style of the movie.


    I loved Ewan McGregor. Every movie I see him in, adds just that little bit extra to the love!

    Last night I told Susy and Sam that if I had to marry a man right there and then it would be Bill Nye: The Science Guy. This still remains true, but if I was going to cheat on Bill it would be with Ewan McGregor.

    That's all.

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    4:23 pm - Trying to vent some of the terrible passion, that's coursing through me
    Summer is soooo cool. Her journal is one of the most fun to read.

    Plus, sometimes, she talks about her hottie boyfriend! Rrrwl.

    She would be so much more cooler if she updated her web page tho'!


    Can you imagine the extreme levels of cool she would reach if that were to happen?

    I sure can't!

    It may simply be impossible.

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    4:02 pm - I wait in 4-4 time
    All awakeness I had has now gone down the drain. There is so much crap in the air right now. I have major bad allergies, and they're making me very very drowzy. And eyes runny. And nose stuffy. Glands swollen. Oh god. Body falling apart.. rrrrrggg *burble*

    I got some number of votes for blue hair. Point being, it was more than the one vote (Thanks Kat) I got for green hair. Thusly I will be re-dying my hair blue at some point soon.

    I really wanted to see Evolution. Dean and Lex went and saw it on Friday while I was at Susy's (I, of course, don't wanna see it enough to skip going to Susy's. Yeesh). The previews looked amusing. I love David Ducouvny. It is directed by Ivan Riteman who directed my favorite movie of all time - Ghostbusters. Yet, on the way up to Berkley I had read a horrible horrible review about it, that made it seem really bad. It sounded like everything I would hate. Thusly the movie was erased from my mind from that point on, and given a big label of disapproval.

    However, I just spoke to Dean and he said he, and even Lex loved it. Holy shit! And now Kat is saying she dug it.

    What the hell?

    Now I am again fuled to see it. Luckily Dean said he would go with me cuz he wants to see it again. Yay.

    I am too easily manipulated by outside forces.

    You know what I'm not too fond of right now? This journal. Or maybe the me of which this journal has a reflection become of.

    Yoda English is what I just spouted. I like to call it Yinglish.

    This journal is so unpersonal!

    How come whenever I talk to my mom or dad every word they say makes me want to sigh and throw my arms about and just.. yeah. Even if it's just "How are you?" or "I'll pick you up at 4"?

    Why is talking to certain people (Parents in particular) so draining right now?

    This is me.

    - Zen Tao Journey Jimalric Stevensson Zenith

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    12:00 pm - Gimmiesomelovegimmiesomelovegimmiesome - I want you to know
    I'm at work. I left da Scott's sistahs house early this morning. I oddly got a lot of sleep over the weekend, and I slept on the train ride down so I'm pretty refreshed and awake right now (Something that so rarely happens, I think it deserves a current mood thing).

    Susy and I saw Spike and Mike's Classic Animation festival thingy. It was playing at one of the theatres in Berkeley. It was pretty cool. There were a lot of really funny segments. There was also a lot of really boring segments. But overall I'm glad I saw it.

    Susy and I also saw Moulin Rouge (Which she seemed to like, but I didn't so much. I thought it had potential but kinda.. fizzled that potential out miserably) and this play called BigLove. It was friggin' great! It was one of those 'Man vs. Woman' things. Really weird, and really messed up, but really fun and cool. The characters were interesting, and it was just generally entertaining. I mean, if I think about it, the script was such that it could have been really easy to mess up and do badly, but these people just pulled it off brilliantly. It was a great production. If you get a chance to see it, especially in Berkley, I recommend it.

    But yeah, I had a good weekend.

    Um. I kind of have a lot I want to write about right now.. but I don't know how to word what I want to say. Or.. yeah.

    I'm just gonna work.


    current mood: awake

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    Sunday, June 10th, 2001
    12:33 pm - ... in which I am at Susy's house
    I'm at Susy's house. That's all I have to say.

    Here is my under-construction hit list of all those people who dislike the eels. I expect it to grow as I weed out more of the fools:

  • Cory Alder
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    Friday, June 8th, 2001
    1:25 pm - I haven't been this scared, in a long time
    And I'm so unprepared, so here's your valentine
    Bouquet of clumsy words, a simple melody
    This worlds an ugly play but you're so beautiful...

    -Blink 182

    I feel lame and stupid for quoting Blink 182, but I really really like this song and it's lyrics. What an immature bufoon I am.

    I just talked to Alexis and she saw a local band last night who have a song called 'The Sensitive Song'. She said it's a lot like mine, only as she put it - "A lot better". Thanks Lex. You're a real confidence booster!

    I must find this band and KILL KILL KILL.

    You know what I hate (I am NOT talking about anyone in particular here)? When you're hanging out and there's like some guy, or a girl, or a number of guys/girls who insist on attaching themselves to any attractive member of the opposite gender. It's not even because I'm jealous or anything, and it's not like I think there's anything wrong with a little harmless flirting.. it's just.. when it's all the time, it gets frustrating! Because, maybe I want to talk to someone, and I can't because said-guy-or-girl is attached to the person I want to talk to! It's like, "Hi, I'm trying to talk to this person, and your face is right there! Could you please move it?". I just really don't like talking to people who're that close to someone else. I feel like I'm invading their space or something. And sometimes I just want to talk to one person without someone else being RIGHT THERE.

    Drives me NUTS.

    I guess that's why sometimes I'm not as affectionate in public as people expect me to be. I just don't want to make anyone uncomfortable or anything. Like, it always makes me feel bad when I have my arm around someone (We'll say Susy) and someones trying to talk to her. I feel like I'm making the person uncomfortable or something, or like they're having trouble talking to her cuz I'm right there.

    My swollen gland has gone down. Yay. But I still feel kind of sick. So, I'm drinking lots of tea (and water!).

    I getta see the Scott sisters today. I'm going to hang with Susy this evening and we're going to a play. Yay! I'm stupidly excited about this.

    It'll be fun fun fun.

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    Thursday, June 7th, 2001
    11:37 pm - ... in which the hair stays
    The hair is stayin'. Just so ya'll know. My mom is the only person on the planet who thinks it would be cool.

    I just finished watching the MTV Movie Awards and Weezer played and ROCKED. My sister (Celestial) saw them and was like "Uh.. they don't look like rock stars."

    Poor N'Sync brainwashed girl.

    The Dave Matthews Band was on and also rocked.

    I think, if my top 5 list of funniest people ever had to be composed RIGHT NOW on the spot, without any thought, I'd have to say:

  • 1. Jim Carrey
  • 2. Jon Stewart
  • 3. Mike Myers
  • 4. Dana Carvey
  • 5. Rhymi

    But it really is a toss up between Rhymi, Jonah, Spike (Who gets funnier every time I talk to him) and Dean. And I'm still not sure whether Mike Myers or Dana Carvey is funnier.

    Anyhow, it was a cool show just for the random bits of funniness. Incidently, I am beginning to fall for Jimmy Fallon. Right now he is one of my favorite current SNL cast members. I know that's not saying a lot considering the current cast, but he is PRETTY DAMN FUNNY. And he is so so so cute.

    I think the only person on the show right now funnier, is Chris Katan.

    I like Will Ferral a lot too, but I don't think he's really all that funny. I just like him because he seems so damn likable. You almost want to laugh just cuz he's cool.

    I'm seeing Susy tomorrow. How many of you can say the same? Not a whole lot! That's how many.

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    2:37 pm - The Marlboro Man died of cancer, and he wasn't a rocket scientist when he was healthy - ha ha ha.
    My nose has fallen off.

    Not again!

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